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Trip Reports!!!

There will soon be more reports. If you have any please e-mail them to me!!!

Ronald Wrobel

should upgrade to phase 2 when this happened they ajusted the spray nosle from spray to squrit and shot people they then asked if they should go to phase 3 and they got out some little water guns and sprayed people. After phase 3 they went to phase 4 and got out some supper soakers and shot everybody after that they went to phase 5 and got out water ballons.

It was alot of fun to be cooled of when it was so hot, but we were all getting hungry for lunch and pulled into the Pasta Piazza Pizza and all got lunch. I got the pizza pack and it was really, really good. We then went to th Living Seas and watched the fish and Manatees. I am a great fan of the manatee and wanted to watch them all day, but I had to go to The Land and saw the Lion King. We also saw Food Rocks and the Land Boat Ride.

After doing every thing in Future World we were off to World Showcase we took the Freindship boat ride over to Morroco. We only stop at the pavillions with rides or really good shows. We walked through Morocco into Japan and saw the little muesume. After that we went to The American Adventure and saw a show outside in a theater and ate a funnle cake (very good). After that we went and saw the show. Then we walked to Mexico and went through Italy, Germany, China and Norway. When we got to Mexico we did El Rio Del Tiempo: The river of time boat ride. Then we walked to Canada to the Circle Vision Oh' Canada movie.

We then went to get dinner at the Electric Unbrella, it wasn't anything to brag about but it was good. We then did Horizons once more and got our spots for Illuminations 25.

After Illuminations 25 we went back to Port Orleans. On the bus ride home there were some happy people that sang the whole way back to the motel. We were all very tired that night and slept very good that night.

The next day we did MGM Studios. My father and I new that the first thing we were going to do was the Tower of Terror and so we did. To tell you the truth we did it twice without waiting in line. I loved that ride so much I bought a tee-shirt of the tower of terror.

We then ran off to ride star-tours and Muppet Vision 3-D. After that we saw the Beauty and the Beast stage show. We then had 15 minutes untill our lunch appointment so we walked around and hit some shops.

We had lunch that day at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. This was the best thing that day. When you go in and you wait for your table you can watch old 50's sitcoms on old fashion t.v sets. When you are seated your "cusons" (the table next to you) have to tell you the specials, you have to remember them to because you have to tell the next table when they come. Your "Big Brother" (waiter) brings you stuff to set your table and you have to set it yourself. You can then order your drink (I recomend the coke float) and food. I got the meatloaf. While you are waiting for your food the waiter comes in to check on you and keep those arms off the table. He then brings you your food and makes you eat your vegtables, ask my dad! Then you can order dessert, the smores are great.

After eating lunch we went and watched the Hurcules Zero to Hero Parade and watched Super-Star television. Super-Star television is really funnie when you can watch all the other people mess up when they are accting. After that we saw the back-stage pass to 101 dalmations and Indiana Jones. All were very good.

Then we went and did Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie Adventure for a few minutes.

There have been people who have read my trip report!!!