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DISNEY NET's Magic Kingdom

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom. Many people think of the Magic Kingdom as Walt Disney World. In fact The Magic Kingdom was the first attraction built in Walt Disney World. At the present the rate of a daily ticket to The Magic Kingdom was around $40.00. To get current prices e-mail DISNEY NET.

Main Street
Main Street U.S.A is the first land you enter when coming into The Magic Kingdom. Main Street is based on a turn of the century little city. There are few attractions in Main Street but it is still easy to spend hours in this land.
Main Street Cinema
The Main Street Cinima is a small movie theater that plays old Mickey Mouse clips. If your lucky you can catch Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse's first movie. Be aware that you must stand in this attraction.
Walt Disney World Railroad
The Walt Disney World Railroad is what the name implies. It is a real railroad that makes stops in Fronterland, Adventureland and Mickey's Toontown Fair.
Adventureland is that land with Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tikki, Tikki Room. Adventureland is set to feel like a small deserted island almost like Gilligan's Island.
Jungle Cruise
The Jungle Cruise is a nice change of pace from all the big exciting rides. The only thing to be afraid of in this child pleaser is that your tour guide won't be funny.

Pirates of the Caribbean
This is the best attraction in Adventureland. This attraction brings you through a village being taken over by some very funny pirates. This attraction takes place in the dark and may scare some small children.
Swiss Family Treehouse
This treehouse is just like that in The Swiss Family Robinson. In this attraction you walk through the treehouse and get to see all the rooms.
The Enchanted Tiki Birds
This attraction brings you into the Enchanted Tiki forest and you get to sing along with a group of animated parrots.
Frontierland is set to resemble a small mining town around the turn of the century.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Right when you board this train you know your in for a treat. You can tell this because the train has no driver. That's right you are on a runaway mine train and end up going through a mining village. You must be 45 inches to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Country Bear Jamboree
This knee slaping hoop-dee-doo is bound to crack a smile on your face. Come on in and sing along with a bunch of bears as they sing and charm you.
Frontierland Shootin' Arcade
This shootin' arcade is just another Walt Disney World arcade. You have to pay extra to use the Shootin' Arcade.

Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain is quite possably one of the best attractions in the world. In this pleaser you ride a hollowed out log through Splash Mountain and try to find your happy place. At the end I am sure you will find that happy place.
Tom Sawyer Island
Tom Sawyer Island is a great place for parents to go when they get tired and the kids get moving. The only way to get to Tom Sawyer Island is by raft.
Mickey's Toontown Fair
Mickey's Toontown Fair (formerly Mickey's Starland) is the perfect place for children. They can come to this park and meet all they're favorite cartoon charcters.
Donald's Boat
The kids can meet Donald Duck and get a little wet here.
Mickey's Country House
Bring the kids here to meet Mickey Mouse.
Minnie's Country House
This is Minnie Mouse's house.
Toontown Hall of Fame
The Toontown Hall of Fame is were kids can meet all the other charcters. Check your entertainment schedule for times and date.
The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacres Farm
The kids can meet Goofy here. There is also a small kiddie rollercoster at this location.
Libery Square
Liberty Square makes you feel like some one is signing a declaration of independence right near by.
Diamond Horeshoe Saloon Revue
The Diamond Horeshoe Saloon Revue
Come on in and feel like you are in a old western tavern. This show lets you come in during perfomances and have a sandwhich.
The Hall of Presidents
The Hall of Presidents is the place to go if have ever wondered what it would be like to hear President George Washington. This show should not be missed.
The Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion is filled with 999 spooks and haunts, and there is room for one more. This house is a Disney version of a haunted house. Not to be scared though. It is as harmless as Dumbo the Flying Elephant.
Liberty Belle Riverboat
The Liberty Belle Riverboat is a nice change of pace on a crowded day. This often overlooked attraction can be a nice change of pace on a crowded day.
Fantasyland is bound to bring out the child in every person who enters. Not even the most grumpy of visitors can visit this land and not smile.
Cinderella's Golden Carrousel
Cinderella's Golden Carrousel will bring you back to being at a fair on a warm afternoon. This attraction is very special to those Disney fans. None of the horses are alike and they are re-painted very night.
Dumbo, the Flying Elephant
This is a kiddie ride. But it is still a favorite to some adults like Muhammad Alie. This ride lets you climb into Dumbo and cirlce around fantasyland. This ride can have some long lines so I would avoid it if possable.
It's a Small World
It's a Small World is a nice boat ride. You climb in and can hear dolls from all over the world sing "It's a Small World. After hearing it enough times you will be humming the toon weeks after your visit.
Mad Tea Party
Climb on into a big cup and saucer in The Mad Tea Party. This attraction can be very dizzy if you don't control yourself.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Despite the title Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a very mild ride. Rumer has it that this attraction will soon be changed into a Winnie the Pooh attraction.
Peter Pan's Flight
Peter Pan's Flight is a great ride through Neverland. You ride in a flying pirate ship and go through the street's of London (Watch the cars) and Neverland.
Legend of the Lion King
This great attraction is based on the animated cartoon The Lion King. This show has every effect possable (or close to it)
Snow White's Adventures
This attraction is all about Walt Disney's first full length animated movie, Snow White.

Ariel's Grotto
This is a place to bring the kids to meet Ariel. Here you can get autographs and photos with the characters.

Tommorrowland is my favorite of all lands in the Magic Kingdom. You can spend at least 2 to 3 hours in this land if you wanted to. This land lets you feel like you are in Star Trek or Star Wars. DO NOT MISS ANY OF THESE RIDES
Astro Orbiter
Astro Orbiter is a ride very similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant only in this attraction you fly through the solar system.
Take Flight
The latest Disney Magazine said that this attraction is soon going to be changed into a Buzz Lightyear attraction. For more information e-mail DISNEY NET.

Alien Encounter
DO NOT MISS THIS ATTRACTION. This attraction is a marval of Disney engineering. This attraction has an alien get "beemed" into the audience and the alien causes some troubles. This attraction takes place in the dark and may be scary for some young children.
Tommorowland Speedway
This is one of the more dissapointing Walt Disney World attractions. There is nothing here that you can't get at a regular amusment park,

Space Mountain
This attraction is one of the best attractions at Walt Disney World. This short roller coster ride takes place in the dark and is a very exciting attraction. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!
The Timekeeper
The Timekeeper is a circle vison attraction that has eight different screens that show all 360 degrees. This attraction has voices from Robin Williams and Rea Perlman. This is a great show.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
This attraction shows the progress of the american family since the turn of the century. I think this attraction aims more towards the real Walt Disney fans.
Tommorrwland Transit Authority
This short attraction takes visitors all around Tommorrowland. I recomend making this your first stop in tommorrowland. If you aren't sure about riding Space Mountain ride this to see the attraction with out going on it.
Skyway to Fantasyland
This attraction transports people from Tommorrowland to Fantasyland.

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