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When Walt Disney started making plans for this "Disneyland in Florida" he wanted it to be a place where people could see all the newest things available to mankind. Walt Disney died before he got a chance to see what would surely have been his favorite of all Disney parks. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tommorrow. When this page was first made a ticket price to EPCOT Center was around $40.00. To get more information about any EPCOT Attractions or anything else e-mail DISNEY NET

Future World
Future World is the first World you will enter when you get into EPCOT Center. This is usually the first part of the park to open.

The Living Seas
The Living Seas is one of the best attractions in EPCOT Center. First you enter the building and watch a short video. You then move on into the hydrolators that bring you close to 20,000 leagues under the sea (They don't even really move an inch) to sea base alpha. Here you get to visit one of the worlds largest sea water aquarium. Don't forget to visit Chester and Graccie the Manatees.

Spaceship Earth
This is the largest attraction in EPCOT Center. Sometimes called the big golfball in the sky it holds an outstanding attraction in side. This attraction get's very busy in the late afternoon so ride early.
The Land
The Land is a celbration of the one thing that all humans There are three big attractions inside this pavilion. Circle of Life with Timon, Pumba and Simaba from the lion King, A relaxing boat ride Living with the Land, and a show Food Rocks. There is a food court in this building so it is really busy from 11:00 a.m to about 12:30 p.m.

Journey Into Imagination
Journey Into Imagination is home to two if EPCOT Centers very best attractions. Honey I Shrunk the Audience, a 3-D show with Rick Morranis (DO NOT MISS) and Journey Into Imagination.
Innoventions is the attraction that Walt Disney would probably have loved the most. This ever changing attraction has different displays from different companies with new and improved items that will soon probably change our world some day.
Test Track
This attraction was suposed to open last November 1997 but has still yet to open. When it opens it will be the fastet EPCOT attraction yet to be made.

Wonders of Life
Wonders of Life is home to two major attractions one show and a fair ground to fitness. Ellens Energy Adventure
Anybody that visited the old Universe of Energy knows that this is a good improvment over what used to be here. This attraction hosts Ellen Degenerse and Bill Nye the Science Guy as they explore energy. DO NOT MISS THIS!!!
World Showcase
World Showcase is a permanent world fair. This part of EPCOT Center is the part that I think Walt Disney would have enjoyed the best. All the people that work in the different countries are from the countrie that they represent.

Mexico is one of the best architecual places in all of Walt Disney World. You enter the old mexican tempel and you feel as though you are visiting Mexico. There is a small boat ride here that I would not miss.
Norway is home to World Showcases most popular ride. This ride brings you through China
The American Adventure
United Kingdom

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